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1. TURINBIKE - Circoscrizione 1

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Address: Via Alessandro Volta, 11/a, 10121 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 011 899 8951

Business type: Bicycle Shop

TURINBIKE: what do users think?
Emma Potter
Emma Potter: After being let down by the first bike tour we booked we were so lucky to be able to book a tour with Turinbike. A great 3 hours exploring the city with just the right amount of interesting facts, lots of pleasant chat and a great recommendation for lunch.
Response: Thanks !!!
Lisa Coy
Lisa Coy: Great tour with Fracisco owner of Turin Bike. We booked last minute and were the only ones. Francisco gave a wonderful overview of History of Turin stopping along the route to point out various places of interest. The bikes were comfortable and it was an enjoyable ride.
Keith Drummond
Keith Drummond: Rented a quality bike at a reasonable price from a no-nonsense gentleman for a five-day independent tour. Communication was easy. There was also some good stuff to buy in the shop. Hope to do another trip to Piedmont and rent here again.
Vegard Heier Sødal
Vegard Heier Sødal: We rented bikes to go to Venaria Reale. The bikes where good that purpose and the service was excellent! Enrico was very generous both with his knowledge about Turin history and whit his time waiting for us to come back some minutes after closing. We really recommend this place!
Ben Matthews
Ben Matthews: Great service from Turin bikes, hired a road bike from them for a Sunday ride at short notice. The Focus Cayo I hired was in good mechanical order and maybe the amazing weather had something to do with the fantastic ride I had but it was worth every euro.
Peter Cohen
Peter Cohen: Very happy with the bike. Turin is beautiful to bike by the river. And for those who feel strong, ride up to Superga. Great service. Will use TURINBIKE again.
Reinier van den Biggelaar
Reinier van den Biggelaar: Enrico from Turinbike is a great guy, very helpful, opened his shop on monday morning especially for us to return the bikes, st no extra cost. Bikes were fine to ride, 7 gears and good locks. Easy to find near the central trainstation. Biking thru Turin gave our trip an extra dimension, free to go where tou want. Very recommended!
Ralph Joling
Ralph Joling: I had a city-bike tour with Enrico from 09:00 to 12:00 (a little bit longer) with a stop at the ice cream shop. Very nice tour from outside the center a long the river going into the city center. Enrico gives a lot of information and tips a long the way. Also a nice conversation besides the city highlights. I had a good bike and it was eassy to follow. A very good start to get to know Turin. Go for it! 😉
bruce norton
bruce norton: We rented 4 road bikes for a week of vino & velo in the Piemonte region. The whole experience was perfect, from reserving to picking up to dropping off. The bike were excellent, various brands sizes and styles, but all with Ultegra gruppos. They worked perfectly with no problems. The level of service provided by Enrico & Massimo is amazing.
Response: Thankssss !!!

2. Bicycle Garage - Circoscrizione 1

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Bicycle Garage
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Address: Via Giuseppe Barbaroux, 40, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 328 011 4137

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Bicycle Garage: what do users think?
Francesca Chiarelli
Francesca Chiarelli: Dear as few, I needed my bike twice and even the first time he managed to arrange the problem right there on the spot, without asking for anything! The second time the repair was very fast and the value for money was excellent! As long as I stay in Turin it will be my point of reference! Even the location, for those who live in the center, is the top!
Response: Thanks! 👍
Claudio Biddau
Claudio Biddau: I always go to him. It does the job well, quickly, and with fair prices. Very kind and polite plus, the passion for bikes is noticeable
Response: Thanks!!👍👍
vincefinelli: Kind, competent and not only .. honest: I passed because I was convinced I had a flat tire, I check it, it was just flat. Apart from my figure of M…. but forget it, a dishonest would have changed my inner tube and I would have gone away happy too, he will be my point of reference for any problem my bike will have. Thank you !
Response: THANK YOU !! 👍👍
monica tamai
monica tamai: Courteous and professional, he responded with precision to my requests for advice, when I need him he will surely be a point of reference.
Response: Thank you !!
gabriele d'annunzio
gabriele d'annunzio: In addition to being competent and quick, the manager is very honest (and transparent). I was also happy with two used cars bought here. Highly recommended.
Response: Thanks !! 👍.

3. Granbike - Circoscrizione 8

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Address: Corso Moncalieri, 11, 10131 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:45 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +39 011 1994 7205

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Granbike: what do users think?
Marshall Banana
Marshall Banana: Nice shop but rude staff, as soon as they understand that you are looking for an entry level/mid-range bike they cut you off and move on to someone else, not even saying goodbye. As a long time cyclist, I am familiar with the elitism that used to characterise the sport in the past, and was naively hoping that, in time, things would have changed. Behaviour like this makes it very difficult for someone new to approach the sport. They might not spend thousands of euros today, but if you treat them fairly they are likely to do so in the future, as cycling really is a great sport for everyone, and one would hope that shops like this, especially nowadays when people maybe aren’t ready to spend thousands of euros on their first bike, would welcome all types of budgets and riding styles, not just those with deep pockets. Too bad, will look elsewhere.
Hector Sanz
Hector Sanz: Be careful, extremely rude and offensive manager. If you ask for a normal discount on a bike, that the rest of the stores does, such a 10-15%, they insult and offend you with bad manners. I would never buy there, knowing that they try to cheat you with their final prices versus the other stores.
Response: Hello we have read your review. You talk about discounts of 10-15% not made by us and high prices. We do not do the price list of bicycles, but it is the one released by the manufacturers themselves BMC, Cube, Husqvarna, Genesis etc. (available on their direct sites). If you enter an electronics store, supermarket, jewelry store, clothing store or simply a bar, by chance, ask for a 15% discount on a coffee, on dishwashing liquid, on a latest model mobile phone? ? We always try to treat our customers in the best possible way; we try to make a difference not because we sell bicycles at cost price, but because we give services, advice, attention to the person before the purchase, during and after the same, to give our customers the opportunity to make fair purchases, measured to their own needs...
Sergio Gustavo P. Sansores
Sergio Gustavo P. Sansores: Enrico attended me and he was very good with me and answered all my questions
Fabrizio Storti
Fabrizio Storti: AAA
alessandro toso
alessandro toso: Professional!
G Gianluca Gattino
G Gianluca Gattino: Professionals of the sector with great experience in XC, ENDURO and TRIATLHON competitions ... and what does not spoil availability and kindness! 👍👍👍👍👍
Francesco Sposito
Francesco Sposito: Bad service and no customer respect. I took my cargo bike in for a maintenance service and to change the tyres. After a month of collection, and with very sporadic use of the bike, while I had 2 children on board, the rear wheel came loose and I risked having a bad accident. The shop that checked the bike confirmed to me that both wheel bolts were loose. I told Granbike what happened, they asked me for photos of the bolt (which I sent) and they never contacted me again, neither to apologize for the serious disservice nor to give explanations. I think they reserve kindness and availability only to customers who buy bikes priced at more than 4,000 euros.
Francesca Ricci
Francesca Ricci: Two Cubes, two hearts and four legs to reach the 2,481 m of Colle Fauniera 🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️

4. My Ebike - Circoscrizione 1

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29 reviews
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My Ebike
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Address: Via Massena, 14/E, 10128 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM Fri

Telephone: +39 328 734 1276

Business type: Bicycle Shop

My Ebike: what do users think?
Rex Babayemi
Rex Babayemi: I will recommend this service to anyone, anyday, anytime over and over again.. They always have a good and practical solution to my ebike problems and they are professionals yet Super customer friendly.
Response: Thanks for your kind comment. We are always happy to see satisfied clients.
Frans Brosens
Frans Brosens: We were traveling on our own bikes in Piemonte when the Bosch drive unit of one of the bikes failed. Myebike (Carlo and Nesrine) helped us in a perfect way. They supplied us with a fantastic R&M rental e-bike so that we could continue our tour. When we returned they had a new Bosch drive unit mounted on our bike, under Bosch guarantee. Perfect service, we are very grateful. Grazie mille.
Andrea Marangione
Andrea Marangione: My wife and I had an amazing time on the hills around Torino in a Sunday afternoon. Carlo is an excellent guide, do his best to satisfy everyone and tells you a lot about Torino’s history. Highly recommended!
Response: Satisfaction of our clients is a must, and we are happy to acheive it. Thanks for your recomandation.
Anne Darricades
Anne Darricades: Nice people, great services and super bikes !! Go to have a ride along the Po until the MAUTO, beautiful ride...
Response: Thanks Anne. It is a pleasure to have satisfied customers. We hope to see you again in Turin soon.
Alberto Bodino
Alberto Bodino: Super nice, very knowledgeable and serious. They rent really high quality bikes at reasonable prices. Explanation on the functioning and on the characteristics of the medium really useful. Interesting is the possibility to rent different models and versions to test them and then find the most suitable one for a possible purchase!
jean pierre Velasco
jean pierre Velasco: I found the right bike in the right shop, hospitality and competence ... Thank you!
Vincenzo Cesarano
Vincenzo Cesarano: Bad experience .... the prices are in the norm but practically you are left on foot if you have holes ... fortunately I had an inner tube of my own but I think that a renter should use puncture-proof tires to guarantee a service ... the delivery of the bike listen listen ..... not even the inner tube back I received .... even though it was not me who rented the bike ...... oh well it will mean that next time we will contact somewhere else
Response: Dear Vincenzo, as explained upon delivery of the ebike, ALL DAMAGES DONE TO THE EBIKE DURING THE RENTAL ARE TO BE PAID BY THE CUSTOMER ...... listen, listen ...... PUNCTURES INCLUDED! Moreover, it is also indicated on the rental agreement that you signed and of which you received a copy. I appreciate his point of view "I believe that a renter should use puncture-proof tyres", just as I appreciate the point of view of the customer who, having had the chain fall off and not being able to put it back in place, said that, according to him "it would have been useful to be followed by a mechanic who would intervene in these cases".....or maybe to have a satellite system because it was lost........I won't comment further. The fact that a spare inner tube is not provided is simply explained by the fact that: 1) most of the customers who rent ARE NOT ABLE TO REPLACE THE INNER TUBE IN THE EVENT OF A PUNCTURE 2) several customers have their own repair kit (those who use the quick-glue patches, those who change the chamber, those who inflate with the CO2 cylinder, those who use the FAST inflate & repair cylinder, those who have the electric pump and those who use it manual) 3) given the vast plethora of possible problems/faults in bicycle rides and the vastness of solutions to them, we should make sure that each customer is able to intervene and, if not, give him a basic mechanics course for repair and/or replacement: of the inner tube in the event of a puncture; in the same way as the repair and/or replacement of the chain in case of breakage, the use of the chain tool and/or the false link (it is not so rare to break the chain on a mountain bike); and, why not, if he takes a hit at the gearbox and the same shifts badly? also in this case you need a course for the adjustment of the gearbox and / or the straightening of the dropout .......... I can mention at least another dozen. Look, we rent ebikes. The rental price includes the helmet and the padlock (on request). This is well indicated on the website and on the rental agreement, of which we always leave a copy with the customer after he has signed it. We can provide courses in mechanics, equipment, and anything else deemed useful, for a fee.
Gianluca Giordano
Gianluca Giordano: It is pleasant to deal with competent and passionate people, as well as being very helpful and kind. Happy to have entered the world of e-bikes with their valid support. I hope this Covid emergency ends soon to try the bike tours.
Paolo Rossi
Paolo Rossi: Yesterday I bought an ebike. friendly and helpful, they helped me in choosing and they handed me the bike giving me support and valuable advice Also recommended for people like me who was not very knowledgeable on the subject.
Response: Thanks Paul! We are pleased when customers are satisfied with our sales approach and our services. E-bike is a lifestyle!
Roelandt Paarlberg
Roelandt Paarlberg: Rented 4 ebikes today. Good service even when we had flat tyre. Owner came with another bike which we used afterwards. Almost no delay. Prices are in more expensive segment, but so worth it. Top!
Response: Dear Roelandt, client satisfaction is our must. Thanks for your recension. Dear Roelandt, customer satisfaction is our must. Thank you for your reviews.

5. Bergamin cycles Melardi Fabrizio - Circoscrizione 3

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96 reviews
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Bergamin cycles Melardi Fabrizio
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Address: Via Paolo Braccini, 85, 10141 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 011 385 7879

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Bergamin cycles Melardi Fabrizio: what do users think?
Arif Huseynov
Arif Huseynov: Avoid this place unless you want to meet with peak of human greed. I will explain you what happened. I was on my way cycling to picnic area, where my friend were waiting me, when I suddenly pierced my wheel. This store was closest (unfortunately) to my accident area, and I went there to buy tube for wheel. I bought it for 5 euros and asked guy to give me plastic spoon (special very simple tool for opening the tire), he has plenty but he said "no, you need to buy it". Ok, I said give me it (3 euros). Then I said can you just provide me some small pump for 5 minutes, he said "nooo, it is my instruments, pay me and I will repair it by myself..." I said ok, please repair now and explained him situation... He said no, he will do it only in one hour... People, I do not know how to explain you this crazy situation... I changed my tube by myselfin 5 minutes, and then was staying in front of the bicycle shop and asking cyclists passing there to give me a pump if they have... One old Italian Man (with big letters, because he is The Man) was passing there on the old bike. He asked me what happened, and I explained him... He spat towards the store while swearing in Italian and gave me small pump saving me from human infinite greed. Thus The Big Italian Man saved me from a italian man... Hope you understood why you need to avoid visiting this shop.
saad nazeer
saad nazeer: Personal found him very helpful guy highly recommend
Fabiana Falconeri
Fabiana Falconeri: Super!
Response: Thanks Fabiana, see you soon!
Michele Testini
Michele Testini: Super
Response: Thank you so much Michele .... see you soon !!!
G. DM: Shop to avoid because to inflate two wheels they ask you for a euro for things never seen on this earth Once this service was free, I wonder what has changed. I would like a quote for a brake adjustment on a city bike to compare it with the bicycle shop in via Caraglio who did it for me for free even though I asked him how much he did. Having said that, he will never see me again and neither will my cycling friends.
Response: I don't know on which land you live, but on the one where I live, the services are paid, or you always have the option of buying one of your own (perhaps the same brand as your De.....lon bicycle) inflating all the wheels that want, even for free. Perhaps the one to avoid is you A good day
Andrea C
Andrea C: Very efficient. I had the front wheel of a Xiaomi scooter punctured, they repaired it in no time.
Giuseppe Luca Pellegrino
Giuseppe Luca Pellegrino: I brought a wheel for centering. Work done artfully quickly, also considering the period of particular influx of these days. They are also very cheap and kind. Highly recommended Update July 2022. I can only confirm the above: I just picked up the bike due to a problem with the front derailleur, perfect repair, great professionalism and great fairness, really congratulations for their work! In my opinion they are the best
Response: Thanks a lot Giuseppe !!
Fabio Sasso
Fabio Sasso: Not positive first experience. I go to this shop because it was recommended to me. Shimano ultegra 6600 left shift lever that fails when descending from the large to the small chainring. not always. I explain that the problem in my opinion could be in the leverage itself, but I leave the analysis to the experts. M they changed the gear cable and removed the crossing of the cables under the down tube (the dealer where I bought it had crossed it and apparently it is a practice used to better manage the cables) cost 30 €. I leave the shop, the lever seems to change, so I go home. First exit, the problem recurs, until it reaches a point where it no longer changes, always going blank. At this point, I play it all out ... I remove the belt, cables and lever, not without effort, which continues to go blank, even without cables under tension. Cleaning and spray of wd40 as if there were no tomorrow, the lever returns to "click". I do a lot of clicks and keep cleaning and spraying. I reassemble everything, lever fixed, now made several exits without problems. expense: 4 € on amazon change of brake cable.
Response: You forgot a couple of things ... your time for "tape disassembly etc etc, cleaning and unlocking etc etc, maybe it's priceless, My / our YES! Oh, I forgot ... maybe even the amount of wd-40 was free .... on Amazon Good rides!
Valerio Pisano
Valerio Pisano: Very good, fast and super honest in prices for what concerns repairs and maintenance of all types of bikes. They then have, available to buyers, pieces of the best brands for what concerns the sale. In short: the ideal place for all types of customers, from the most demanding and expert to those who need a simple repair.
Response: Thanks Valerio .... a greeting !!

6. Tribù Bikers - Circoscrizione 8

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80 reviews
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Tribù Bikers
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Address: Via Nizza, 100, 10126 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 011 1892 9277

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Tribù Bikers: what do users think?
Raffaele Scilanga
Raffaele Scilanga: Top
Maddalena Spina
Maddalena Spina: ZERO STARS! Total lack of education, professionalism and empathy on the part of the owner, compensated by arrogance and insolence. Demonstrated lack of knowledge of the products sold and little honesty on prices. Ciclofficina not very careful. I STRONGLY NOT RECOMMEND.
Maria Romero
Maria Romero: If I could give 0 stars it deserves it, a week to change the tire with their initial timing of 1/2 days, contacted by phone after 5 days hearing the answer that in the evening MASSIMO the next day would be ready, the next day so I pass to be told that 80% would have done it in the day but it depended on the people, at that point, being that the next day would still be Sunday and I would have needed it by Monday, I tell him that at that point I would have taken the bike back and changed it myself (operation from maximum half an hour). At that point he apparently finds the time and says that he would have been able to do it on Saturday, telling me to come back later, at 5.45 pm he sends me the message that the bike is ready, but having no teleportation I managed to arrive only at 18 to discover that the shop had closed (knowing among other things the urgency to recover the bike even without a tire, a call could make it). I can understand that the closing time etc. was a misunderstanding, the unreliability, as evidently shared in many other reviews, starts from the fact that if you realize that it will take you at least a week you are clear from the very beginning. I start without inventing 1/2 days, if you have problems and you realize that it will not be 1/2 days you have at least the decency to warn so that the customer can evaluate what to do and organize himself differently, and if requested on the phone not give the absolute certainty that the next day the work will be done and then discover that MAYBE it will be done. Moral of the story 25 euros for a tire changed in a week. The funniest thing is that in front of the shop there was another potential customer who he had also told to come by later without specifying closing time or anything. My mistake in not reading the reviews before going to them, coincidentally they all say the same thing (ah, I also heard on the phone that I was being rude for calling them unreliable).
Paolo Visentini
Paolo Visentini: ABSOLUTELY AVOID!!! Biblical waiting times and bad communication, rude and unprofessional staff. Although we had agreed on a date for the delivery of the bike, this was not respected without even warning of the mistake, leaving me in a very difficult situation, as well as a useless waste of time.
Domenico Ciacera
Domenico Ciacera: Repair carried out quickly and with competence. Honest prices. Recommended
Fabio De Nisi
Fabio De Nisi: Rudeness and arrogance, professionalism equal to 0, I wonder how they care about all the negative reviews that talk about their rudeness

7. Boeris Bikes - Circoscrizione 2

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206 reviews
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Boeris Bikes
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Address: Strada Comunale di Mirafiori, 2, 10135 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12 PM ⋅ Reopens 2:30 PM

Telephone: +39 011 341112

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Boeris Bikes: what do users think?
Essi: If you want to buy a second hand bike they get used bikes and make them look as new as they was and also they had their own new brank bikes which were very fabulous Owner was very friendly and gentle with few word he knew in English helped us so much Absolutely recommended
Response: Thank you so much Essi! Enjoy your ride!
Marco Lombardo
Marco Lombardo: Thanks to the advice of a dear friend of mine 5 years ago I bought my first racing bike from Boeris that I still use today. Now needing a new MTB I could only go back to him and today thanks to her I was able to take a beautiful ride on the hills of Turin towards the Basilica of Superga. At Boeris professionalism, friendliness and kindness are at home, absolutely recommended.
Response: Thanks Marco and good pedaling !!
Matteo Saracco
Matteo Saracco: I did not know them, I found them thanks to the internet and I thank the gods for having had this luck! A kindness and a predisposition for customers out of the ordinary and often underestimated, while here it is right at home. Professional, fast and efficient. From the simplest work to building the whole bike with them everything is possible and everything is simple. Costs absolutely correct! Recommended beyond words. Happy to have discovered them, from now on I will always keep them dear.
Response: Thank you so much Matteo, see you soon !!
Lucio Pineda
Lucio Pineda: After more than 30 years of trusting relationship, today I went out with another bike that will give me great satisfaction; made to measure, I chose everything and I solved my doubts Peter is a friend and a special reference, vast assortment and excellent technical assistance, a fundamental factor for passionate and occasional cyclists, I sincerely recommend it.
Response: Thanks Lucio and good ride!
Giusy Antico
Giusy Antico: Very kind, experts, with maximum attention to the needs of every type of cyclist. They gave me a dream bike, made to measure not only for my body, but for my needs. Satisfied in all requests, up to the most frivolous: the satin pastel light blue color, like the skies I love to photograph :) .. And after the first few laps I want to congratulate Boeris Bike again and say that a dream has come true for me! The bike is FANTASTIC. I add some photos of my first tourist destinations.
Response: Thank you for trusting Giusy. We are happy that we were able to fulfill your wishes. Fantastic adventures await you on your new Boeris!

8. Urban Rider - Circoscrizione 1

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131 reviews
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Urban Rider
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Address: Via Sebastiano Caboto, 42/f, 10129 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 391 345 8134

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Urban Rider: what do users think?
Odilxon Xoshimxonov
Odilxon Xoshimxonov: I am in town not so long ago, this is my first time going to repair service. I was thinking that I will have to go from place to place to find nice repair service with nice fees, but was lucky to find UrbanRider. This place was my first destination and so lucky one :). Great prices and service.
Murtaza Hussain
Murtaza Hussain: Very nice and friendly person , prefect work and price
Shovkat Sotivoldiev
Shovkat Sotivoldiev: Good repairment, pleasant prices
Ilaria Rapaccini Bellini
Ilaria Rapaccini Bellini: The best in town.
Michael12c92: So friendly
Andrea: Really spectacular, professional and above all super honest guys. I brought an old bike of mine, for a replacement of tires, sprockets and general bicycle inspection; after a few days my travel companion is working again. Thanks for a wonderful job.
Patrizia Pretto
Patrizia Pretto: friendly owner and very effective in advice. if you need to repair a bike, buy a used one or inflate the tyres, this is the right place
Roberta Chiparo
Roberta Chiparo: My boyfriend and I brought two bikes to them, which are almost historic rather than vintage, to fix some ailments they obviously had due to age. They did an impeccable job, in a short time and at a truly excellent price. But what struck me most while waiting to be served (and once served) was observing the care for the customer they have: extremely available, they answer any doubts, questions and needs that you explain without haste and not sparing you any detail, as well as explaining in detail the work they have done on your bike. Really, really satisfied.

9. Lovedì Bike - Circoscrizione 3

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25 reviews
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Lovedì Bike
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Address: Via Giacinto Collegno 26 bis interno cortile, 10138 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 347 232 5862

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Lovedì Bike: what do users think?
Hamed Deniro
Hamed Deniro: Max from Lovedi Bike is a LEGEND!not just great at his business, but also a real helpful and kind human being. Sold me a great bike and talked with me about beautiful meaningful things in life. Bike King of Italy.
Marco Ottina
Marco Ottina: Mythical! He is really professional, precise, he takes care of the details and of every part of the bike, to give you a result that not only solves the problem but also makes the interested parties well cleaned and cared for, in a workmanlike manner. In short, maintenance with conscious care and quality! Among other things, he is a nice and good lot, a very good person! :) It is also worth chatting in the meantime. He is very helpful and even shares some of his knowledge if he can: D It deserves, it deserves everything! Balanced, even in prices, which are excellent!
Luca Paura
Luca Paura: He refused to change the inner tube of my bike because it is electric and, according to him, does not touch the electrical elements. I was urgent and now I will not be able to go to work because of this refusal. 1 star deserved.
Dario Casciotti
Dario Casciotti: I desperately searched on google for an open shop, or a mechanic willing to do me an urgent job, I focused on this activity with 21 reviews out of 21 with 5 stars, and I understood why ... very affable, extremely available, in a few minutes it solved the problem, i can only give it 5 stars. great ... highly recommended
Giuditta Gandelli
Giuditta Gandelli: I went with the hope of finding someone who could fix my bike once and for all, without cheating or wasting time, and I finally found it! Max has turned out to be a true professional of the bicycle, he puts passion and creativity into it. The workshop is beautiful and his bicycles are irresistible! Highly recommended !!!
Angela Sanna
Angela Sanna: After a fall I had problems with my bike "because of the dreaded Turin tram tracks ...." Max as a true enthusiast solved the problem for me with skill and competence. But above all I was struck by his works on vintage bikes that he re-creates and refurbishes in a magnificent way, also highly recommended for the honesty in the prices.
Andrea Giannone
Andrea Giannone: Highly recommended. Max is available, competent and competent again. Then the laboratory also has fridges for beers. What more could you want?
Laura Torassa
Laura Torassa: I have a fast, light and safe bike again. He really needed some new care, thanks Max!

10. BIKE PIU' riparazione e vendita' Bici, accessori . - Circoscrizione 6

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BIKE PIU' riparazione e vendita' Bici, accessori .
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Address: Via Renato Martorelli, 12/b, 10155 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12 PM ⋅ Reopens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 347 751 2406

Business type: Bicycle Shop

BIKE PIU' riparazione e vendita' Bici, accessori .: what do users think?
Don Stainlex
Don Stainlex: Was on time.. fairly priced
Giovanni: Damiano (the owner) is a very professional and kind technician. It also sells both new and used quality bicycles. I highly recommend it.
Riccardo Arizio
Riccardo Arizio: My bike was badly in need of maintenance and some set-up problems. It is as good as new (she, I, on the other hand, have remained the same pedal sloth as before, but on this front the cyclist can do nothing! :-)). Estimate communicated via SMS before the start of the work, respect of deadlines, reasonable price, competence and courtesy, job well done. I am very satisfied and will definitely be back!
Serena Ferrero
Serena Ferrero: Accurate, quick and honest. He gave me a super pit stop on the bike, when I had to change the air chambers, and when the dynamo broke, he immediately mounted the lights I had just bought, instead of letting me fiddle with myself. New trusted bicycle rider.
Luca Fragapane
Luca Fragapane: I took my bike, to change an inner tube, and after a few minutes it was ready for use. This, asking the manager, is not always possible but it was that extra thing that made me like the service. 8 € for work can be there, I will definitely be back whenever needed!
Marco Snake C.
Marco Snake C.: Great service and extreme availability! He was on vacation and even opened just to solve a problem after agreeing day and time ... Prices more than reasonable and excellent service
Sol Marino
Sol Marino: Very good attention and price of the repair. In addition to having done the job in less time than stipulated. I recommend it, from now on, my head bike store
Emanuele Fazio
Emanuele Fazio: Serious, economical, precise. Brought bike to change a rim, he put it back for me at a more than honest price. Thanks, I will always come back to you!
Laura Esposito
Laura Esposito: The very kind and competent owner was quick in repairing my bike and the prices are contained, I definitely recommend it.
Andrea Comin
Andrea Comin: He is a good bicycle maker, quick to work and above all honest, who respects deadlines, charges the right amount and also receives receipts (the others only have to learn). My new favorite.

11. Bikezone Vanchiglia - Circoscrizione 7

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Bikezone Vanchiglia
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Address: Via Luigi Tarino, 11, 10124 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 347 040 8023

Business type: Used bicycle shop

Bikezone Vanchiglia: what do users think?
Luca Terzi
Luca Terzi: I bought a used bike from Bikezone. Very honest prices, few frills, clear information, kindness and the bike before being delivered was completely overhauled without further expense. Recommended!
Daniel Didier
Daniel Didier: It will also be comfortable and folkloristic but ... the owner is extremely rude, moody, peasant with customers. Furthermore, he does not assume the risks of the parts he mounts on bicycles. If they are used and break it makes it seem like a problem not his.
benedetto mallevadore
benedetto mallevadore: Good honest and very cheap, I always come here to fix my bicycle problems
Annastella Franza
Annastella Franza: I had a little problem with the brake pad and it helped me in a few minutes with total honesty
Response: Thank you very much, if I don't always answer it's because I'm not a technologist and I'm not very familiar with social networks
Emily Bruccoleri
Emily Bruccoleri: summer opening hours: Monday-Friday 14:00 20:00
Fulvio R
Fulvio R: Problem solved in 5 minutes
Emily Bruccoleri
Emily Bruccoleri: nice place and the owner is very kind. recommended for those who have a bike to repair or want to buy one

12. Officine Ranzini di Emiliano Stefano Ranzini - Circoscrizione 1

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Officine Ranzini di Emiliano Stefano Ranzini
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Address: Via Porta Palatina, 8, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30 AM Fri

Telephone: +39 011 780 0747

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Officine Ranzini di Emiliano Stefano Ranzini: what do users think?
Francesco Monaldi
Francesco Monaldi: I went there once and felt robbed. I had received this rumor from two people, but unfortunately only after having already brought my bike. Much better cyclists in porta palazzo, with the same service at a third of the price. 100 € for a single new wheel and trivial adjustment of the gearbox and brakes that I had already set myself. Never again, I strongly advise against it, as I was told.
Response: Good evening, with all the good will I find it hard to remember that I ever charged one hundred euros for a single wheel and the various adjustments you listed, especially in that week when the only one I made cost the customer about sixty euros, perhaps he could have asked "in person" for explanations about the other interventions made on his bike, but perhaps the courage remained only in the lion's heart, not the keyboard one ... I was and still am, ready to answer everyone your questions. Sincerely, Officine Ranzini.
snich corsello
snich corsello: Very expensive cyclist seems to go to Ernesto Colnago himself !!!!!!! To install a group (by putting new sheaths and cables) and put a handlebar tape I spent a fortune !!!!!!!!! I hope they will lower the prices! As a great enthusiast and collector, I strongly advise against it to anyone, especially to those who are not competent in the world of bikes and do not know the prices. Very bad experience !!!!!!!
Response: I have already detailed the costs in person, I summarize if something is not clear; Handlebar tape €17 Stainless steel cables x4 €14 Shimano sheaths (brakes + gearbox) €5 Sheath+wire terminals €0.6 Labor 36/h 1h10' €41.4 Total €78 Greetings.
Emanuele Peteh
Emanuele Peteh: Beautiful bicycles, the owner is extremely competent and professional. Excellent quality / price ratio on repairs. Highly recommended.
Juri Prato
Juri Prato: I bought a new bike, in addition to being very happy with the purchase, the owner is very helpful and competent, top grade.
Luca Travasino
Luca Travasino: The owner is a good mechanic, but above all an honest and helpful person.
Carolina De Franco
Carolina De Franco: Competence and kindness! 🔝🔝🔝 super helpful and well stocked shop! By now a point of reference! :)
Andrea Gozzi
Andrea Gozzi: Great competence, very high quality of products and service!

13. Polibike - Circoscrizione 3

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Address: Via Monginevro, 6, 10138 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 2:30 PM

Telephone: +39 373 842 2999

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Polibike: what do users think?
Claudio Miccoli
Claudio Miccoli: Enrico is a hard worker! Fantastic experience, brought a bike ready for landfill in a month (due to covid), refurbished it painted sandblasted etc. Very helpful, super consistent prices! I would go there again tomorrow
Luigina Santalucia
Luigina Santalucia: I have been relying on them for years both for small repairs and for more important purchases and I have always been satisfied. Professional and kind. More than fair prices. I highly recommend them.
Michele Mignogna
Michele Mignogna: Scooter ready on time, great job honest price !!
Pietro Civalleri
Pietro Civalleri: Great bike craftsman. He restored my vintage graziella with much effort but extreme courtesy and unchanged price despite the problems incurred. Unfortunately he had to make a change to the rear wheel set-up, tilting it and constraining me (without obligation) to come back in the event of a puncture. Too bad that at the next puncture, the inclination was not re-done, causing a problem to arise again. But apart from this problem which can be left out, it recommended for competence and kindness.
Stefano Gaffarelli
Stefano Gaffarelli: Upon recommendation from an acquaintance, I brought my old mountain bike to this shop. Like many, after the long lockdown, I had rediscovered the desire to ride a bike. I called this gentleman on the very kind phone, I explained to him that I had this bike in the cellar that had been standing for 20 years and that it needed complete maintenance. When I brought him the bike in person for maintenance, I confirmed the one revealed on the phone. Moral, I left the bicycle for a complete effort, he told me it would be ready in 10 days, he kept it in the shop three weeks, when I picked it up he gave me the bicycle in a hurry and only changed the tires and inner tubes. Bad shop, bad assistance. Tire and inner tube I could have changed them too.
Response: Hi, I'm sorry if you haven't found it well, I probably won't have been sufficiently clear and exhaustive in explaining the interventions made on the bike. The problem arises from the moment that I do not remember her and therefore cannot enter into the merits. What I don't understand, however, is why he didn't come to the shop to complain directly instead of writing to Google. She doesn't even have a clue of the problems that can create such a thing at this time. Thanks for your understanding and humanity. I remain available in the shop for clarification. I wear it every day, the internet (instead) is a good mask
Ambra Dagatti
Ambra Dagatti: Easy-going and professional. Fantastic
Emanuela De Palo
Emanuela De Palo: Truly mythical: fast and efficient! They were able to repair the brakes on a stroller from nearly 10 years ago, saving us the purchase of a new trio. What more could you want !? This is what being craftsmen is all about. True professionals!
Response: Thank you!
Andrea Taverniti
Andrea Taverniti: Excellent shop for bike and scooter repairs, I bought my new Bike. Enrico was very professional and patient. Thank you so much I will definitely be back.

14. Cusati Bike Marco Cusati - Circoscrizione 2

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117 reviews
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Cusati Bike Marco Cusati
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Address: Via Buenos Aires, 78/e, 10137 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +39 011 324 8810

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Cusati Bike Marco Cusati: what do users think?
Maurizio “Il panta” Landi
Maurizio “Il panta” Landi: Kind, competent, always available, I also recommend it for new enthusiasts, indeed especially for them, they will find good advice and a lot of quality. Thomke Thomke: Professional, kind, impeccable service, Marco is super competent, for me service is everything, even for small things, total commitment
Andrea Danesi
Andrea Danesi: A person who helps you in choosing each component with preparation and professionalism as well as being an excellent mechanic!
Fernando De Stefano
Fernando De Stefano: He very professional and kind always attentive to details
Response: Thank you
Vincenzo Tesauro
Vincenzo Tesauro: Great welcome and very professional mechanic / technician
Massimo Radassao
Massimo Radassao: Punctual, kind and honest. What to ask for more? Thank you. It was no accident! I came back with another bike and other problems and I found competence, honesty and punctuality.
Response: A thousand thanks
Roberto Zungri
Roberto Zungri: I knew Cusati for the organization of cyclocross, never went to the shop because a bit uncomfortable for me, yesterday I wanted to go there, bought a pair of Sidi MTBs, great price, kind and very professional welcome, very nice shop, quality products, I want to try the workshop service for my MTB as soon as I need it. Good guys it was my first time with you but I felt like a regular customer🙏
Response: Thanks to you Roberto !!!
Gianni Colla
Gianni Colla: Competence, professionalism, education, these are the adjectives that distinguish this company

15. Risico Sas di Ferrero Franco & C. - Circoscrizione 7

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52 reviews
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Risico Sas di Ferrero Franco & C.
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Address: Corso Brescia, 44, 10152 Torino TO, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +39 011 248 2519

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Risico Sas di Ferrero Franco & C.: what do users think?
ALMAS: Super knowledgeable and professional. If you complain about 20 euros of labor, assume that the mechanic works for free and all the professional experience he has is worth nothing to you😑 Behind a computer we are all know-it-alls, but above all what problems do you have with the Pakistanis? They are also good at doing certain jobs. We live in the most multi-ethnic city in Italy. We need to open up a little 👍👍🤔🤔🤔😃
Luca Caniatti
Luca Caniatti: I carried out a general maintenance of the bicycle and what can I say: fast service! The very competent guys were super helpful and clear in the prices, satisfied with flying colors!
Cristiana Piazza
Cristiana Piazza: Annoying and surreal experience.The owner repeatedly treated me with arrogance and arrogance.I left the bicycle in storage for more than 15 days and it was returned to me with difficulty after I went there personally 4 times, without any solution to the problem Despite booking and waiting, the neurotic owner and more malleable assistant nervously told me, on the occasions when I went to the shop with the spare part defined as unobtainable and obtained by me in 2 days, that they had to work and solve urgent problems and they could not answer the phone or provide me with further explanations. I sadly took back my bicycle, paid for an unsuccessful intervention and set aside a humiliating episode.
Gianluca Petrilli
Gianluca Petrilli: Never again...I had to fix a brake that just needed to be the beginning when I entered I was much so that as I went out waiting for the repair I even said "how good this guy is"...I went back to take it back ... he squeezed my brake a little and put a wheel that costs thirty cents ... Total 20 euros ... for a squeeze of the brake ... Total thief
Gianfranco Levati
Gianfranco Levati: The best for cycling! I have been a customer for many years now and I must say that I am the top. Furthermore, the owner Mr. Ferrero is really competent and prepared.
Enrico Pelle
Enrico Pelle: I bought two dungarees, a summer castelli and a winter gore. The price is in line with what the market offers with some discounts. The service offered is impeccable. Very courteous and attentive to customer needs ... they really have everything. It will be my go-to shop

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